Ingredients for “C h a n g e”…
Acceptance – Basic Needs – Friendship
Trust – Direction – Accountability – Dignity

Making a Difference…

C h a n g e: The Toronto Friendship Centre is a catalyst for change.  Since inception the numbers of homeless and marginalized people living on the streets of Toronto has grown to over 5,000 men, women and children.  Many are victims of abuse, new immigrants, and people possessing mental health problems.  Many are seniors who cannot afford to live on a small fixed income.  Many cannot afford housing and many just cannot afford to live. 

Our Staff and Volunteers….Our trained Staff are like no other, they have a deep understanding for those less fortunate.  From Front Line Workers to Kitchen Staff to the Administration Office, many have once been patrons of the Centre, and having received understanding and guidance, education and confidence, self-esteem and friendship, find themselves helping others who are now in their once situation.  They are living success stories that 
C h a n g e can make a difference!  Many ex-patrons come back on a volunteer basis, many simply come back to visit, but none ever forget the kindness and help they received when they were most vulnerable.

Our Programs… C h a n g e offers a host of programs to include everything from access to Health Care to a Community Kitchen.  We serve over 10,000 meals per week to the hungry.  We have individual  programs for Men, Women, Seniors and Youth; Programs to build social and educational skills, such as “Music for the Soul”,  “Community Kitchen” and the “Arts Program”.   We have Programs to assist with “Job Search, Find and Keep”, ie. “Dress for Success” and “Meals to Go”.  We have a partnership with the Street Health Nurses and offer health related programs to include foot care and personal hygiene.  We partner with Toronto Housing Agencies and offer programs assisting in finding temporary shelter and permanent residence.  We are consistently building new programs to meet the needs of today’s society.

Our Goal…to feed the hungry and assist the homeless, disenfranchised and marginalized population of the GTA to find work, housing, friendship and self-esteem.  And we need your help to achieve this goal!


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